Embodiment for the Rest of Us – Season 1: Trailer

Thursday, June 24, 2021


Embodiment for the Rest of Us premieres August 2021! Meet your hosts, Chavonne McClay (she/her) and Jenn Jackson (she/her), and learn what EFTROU will be all about.


Music: “Wheel of Karma” by Jason Shaw


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[Music Plays]

Chavonne (C): Hi, I’m Chavonne McClay.

Jenn (J): And I’m Jenn Jackson.

C: And this is Embodiment For The Rest of Us! Yay!

J: [squeals]

C: I’m so excited. [laughs]

J: We are.

C: I am a Black, fat woman and have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2010 and I’m really, really excited about this podcast. I have a private mental health practice called Unabridged Counseling and Coaching, LLC, and I live in Albuquerque, NM, on occupied Tiwa territory with my family, my husband and two kids. I–my clinical work focuses on healing relationships with food and your body and yourself as well as parental mental health. I–in all the work that I do, I make sure to center and hold space for those living in marginalized bodies and in marginalized spaces.

J: And I’m Jennifer “Jenn” Jackson. Call me Jenni, call me Jenn Jenn, call me anything you like, umm, this is just what I usually go by. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor in Albuquerque, NM, on occupied Tiwa territory. I’m a provider in a white, fat body with ADHD and I have lived experience with diabetes as an adult. These connections that I’ve just mentioned inform my practice, Jenni K Nutrition LLC. Umm, and all the services that are offered, that I offer, are anti-oppressive, which includes, but is not limited to, anti-racist, fat positive, Health At Every Size®-aligned, queer-affirming, non-diet, nutritionally agnostic and food neutral, sex-positive, trauma-sensitive, from a neurodiversity approach, and both justice- and liberation-driven.

C: “Embodiment for the Rest of Us” is the name of this podcast, as we said before. We’d like to define what those two ideas mean to us. So, “embodiment” is the validation of the experience of every individual both within themselves and within the world. When we talk about “the rest of us”, we are talking about those living in larger bodies and in marginalized spaces or are likewise blocked from defining their own existence.

J: Ooh, that’s good. And where can you find this podcast, “Embodiment For The Rest Of Us”?  And that would be anywhere, everywhere, wherever you find your podcasts.

C: And our podcast will be ready for listening in late summer 2021 in August, which is really exciting!

J: [gasps] So exciting!

C: Yes!

J: It’s June right now as we’re recording this, so that’s not far off.

C: Yes.

J: And we’re about to start interviewing really soon and we are really excited.

C: Mm-hmm. Yes!

J: So why this topic, this podcast? We both listen to a lot of podcasts and we love really specific conversations about really similar topic happening sometimes on other podcasts, and what we’re looking for is a discussion where this is happening all the time. So here we are making a podcast that’s by us, but also for us.

C: Yeah, kind of a one-stop shop.

J: Having the conversations we want to have. Umm, and we’re really excited! We’re going to say we’re excited a lot. And we also are really excited.

C: So much. We are. [laughs] Umm, how will this podcast progress? So, We will be interviewing professionals and those with lived experiences about these intersecting topics. It is also very important to us that this is an interaction with you, the listener!  We are excited to be in active conversation with you, as we learn and unlearn.

J: Oh, and we cannot wait to be in conversation with you in August 2021!

[Music plays]